Monday, August 4, 2014

A Day in the Life {Summer}

I can not believe it is already August.


I've only shared one of our summer days here and I suppose it is time for another. 

Our day started at 7:00.

I turned on a workout DVD.  The kids got themselves some cereal (Raisin Nut Bran--my favorite!) and played with LEGOs nearby.

The kids got started on their family work: vacuuming, hygiene, cleaning their rooms and all that jazz.

There was some piano practice in there.

Some minecraft on the iPad.

Some math practice for Mowgli.

We had our devotional.  Today it consisted of reading about a boy named Pedro from Brazil out of an LDS magazine for children called The Friend.  The kids found Brazil and the cities mentioned in the story.

Bud asked if he could do a science experiment.  He filled some petri dishes with various liquids and put them outside to see which one would attract bugs. 

Bud received a letter from his penpal and was anxious to write him back immediately.  So I helped him draft a reply.   

Mowgli wrote more thank you notes for his baptism gifts.   He may or may not have thrown a giant fit when I corrected his spelling and grammar and insisted he start over.  :)

I spent a couple of hours on the computer catching up on emails, bills, and scheduling while much of this other stuff was going on.  

We had lunch. 

Mowgli asked for some time on the computer.  He scoured through the ebay auctions of LEGOs commenting on the prices and times remaining on the auctions. 

Hawk asked to paint.  So paint he did.  

Tigerlily kept climbing on the table and attempting to grab the paint, so I set her up to paint too.  

I cleaned up the kitchen and then put Tigerlily down for her second nap of the day.    I attempted to begin reading before putting her down for a nap and decided that was a bad idea.  So I paused after a couple of sentences and said I'd be back.  

I read the story of Perseus and Medusa that we were all dying (not kidding) to read.  The boys begged me to continue reading last night but I made them wait.  :)  We have been studying Ancient Greece for about four months now.  I never would have dreamed I would love Greek mythology so much!  The boys are totally captivated by it as well! 

Then we watched the same story on DVD and talked about the differences and similarities.  They followed that up with another DVD on Heracles (Hercules).  I may or may not have taken a tiny nap during that one.  :)   

Around 3:00 we had visitors.  Cousins!  They are all obsessed with Pokemon. 

They spent some time playing outside together.

And Mowgli and Bud were excited to show their cousins the Greek myths they've been reading and viewing so they turned on the DVDs to watch again.  (That's 2 hours of TV today, in case you are counting.) 

We were happy when this guy walked in the door.  A certain someone got a few more kisses than she knew what to do with. 


We had dinner.  (Just keepin' in real here, folks.)  Yes, our dinner was a relish tray and hot dogs with leftover footlong sauce.  And yes, I ate on a tiny plastic plate.  We don't always have gourmet feasts up in here.  

Then we were off to Scouts and the activity for the teenage girls at church.  Mowgli went to scouts, with his cousins and little bro in tow. 

I was just down the hall leading the activity for the Young Women (girls ages 12-18).  We had a great activity discussing the standards in the For the Strength of Youth manual (it's a little pamphlet that talks about media, entertainment, family, friends, language, dating (and more) and lists expected behavior for each topic.  Think of it as a code of conduct.)  We discussed being women of integrity.  We are striving to be women whose behavior aligns with our beliefs.   

We watched this video, which led to a great discussion.  (It's a good one to watch with young adults/tweens.  I let my 8 & 6 year olds watch it too and a great discussion followed.) 

Somehow those crazy kids convinced me a trip to Walmart was in order on the way home because they would surely die if they didn't buy more Pokemon cards.  Mowgli and Hawk didn't have any cash because all of their money is in the bank.  We have a 10 day spending policy in which you must consider purchases for a minimum of 10 days before buying.  These guys have been asking for more Pokemon cards for over a month (and researching them online all that time) so I decided it was probably a legitimate purchase.  I paid for their cards and then taught them how to transfer the money from their account to our account online. 

After that we were home for more Pokemon trading, another Greek story (The Six Pomegranate Seeds), and lights out at 10:15.

Our routine isn't a whole lot different in the summer except we tend to have later nights, more time with our extended family, more traveling, I seem to be more easy going, and they watched more TV today than they normally do in a week (even in the summer).  But I'm sure they'll survive.

That sums up our day, minus a few arguments, diaper changes, hugs, tears, kisses, timeouts, and a child who refused to sleep in his own bed.  (But don't worry, that only happens every night.)    



  1. Your days are so full of exciting opportunities Sanz! I just love the learning oozing from all the crevices of everyday life. Awesome stuff I tell you.

    Your dinner sounds like ours this past weekend.

    Love the shots of when your hubby comes home.

    So sweet.

    Wishing you a lovely week.

  2. That video is so awesome. I remember that story, thanks for sharing it!

  3. Bud's pen pal thought it was pretty cool to see a pic of his letter here! :)

    This looks like such a great day. Busy and fun :).

    God bless you.

  4. What a wonderful opportunity you are offering your children! Love this of course! :)


I appreciate your uplifting and kind comments and read every one. Have a splendid day!

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