Monday, July 15, 2013

How to Make a Number 5 Cake {Bud's Birthday Cake}

When I asked Bud what kind of cake he'd like for his 5th birthday, he said he wanted his to be the same as Mowgli's #7 cake.  Only, he didn't want a 7 with M & Ms, he wanted a 5 with chocolate chips. 

Well, I delivered just what he asked for.

First I baked these two cakes using one cake mix.  

 Then I cut them to make the five.

Then I frosted and covered with chocolate chips.  

A few things:
1.  It is much easier to frost a cake and reduce crumbling by freezing it first.  (Just a little somethin' my mom taught me.)
2.  I did this cake on a seriously hot day.  We actually had record-breaking temperatures.  Why am I telling you this?  Because I was handling chocolate chips and chocolate and heat aren't a good combination.
3.  I tipped the chocolate chips upside down so the flat side was up.  This made it much more difficult for the chocolate chips to stick.  When I did this with M & Ms, they stuck easily.  
4.  I got really sick of applying chocolate chips after about 30 minutes and got lazy.  Just keepin' it real, here folks.  
5.  If you want to make a cake like this, use M & Ms.  
6.  Bud thought this cake was the coolest thing ever and was sure to tell everyone that he is the one who wanted a #5 with chocolate chips.
7.  The end.  

Oh.  But I can't forget to show you this.  Yup.  A skin tight ninja costume.  Bud LOVED it!  Mowgli loved it so much too that he spent the next day memorizing songs on the piano so that he could earn enough money to buy one for himself!  


  1. Wow! That's impressive. I will have to try that. It turned out great! The most creative I get with cakes is to bake it in a bundt pan:)

  2. Wow! How clever! That's completely awesome.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  3. Beautiful boy --- cute cake (not quite as beautiful as the boy -- but close.)

  4. Love your shaped cakes! It's so fun to make "fancy" cakes for the kids' birthdays, isn't it? :) Happy Birthday, Bud!

  5. Great job! And yes, what we don't do because someone asks...

    Happy birthday, Bud!

  6. Love the cake!! Seriously are you superhuman? :)

  7. I love the #5 and #7 cakes. So cute! I might have to do that for one of my kids.

  8. Hi :) could you write a recipe of your cake? I like it very much!


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