Monday, February 23, 2015

The End of {This} Road

Post #758.

The last.


This post has been a long time coming.  You may have even seen it coming.  I've been posting here less and less and on my Facebook page sporadically.

It's been fun.  It's been amazing.  It's been fulfilling, rewarding, challenging, frustrating.  I've learned oodles.  And the more I learned, the more I realized I don't know.   

I've created friendships with people I might never meet.  I consider them dear friends.

I've poured my heart out.  I've been silly.  I've been opinionated (but I mostly tried to keep those to myself.) 

But there's this whole life thing. 


Children, family, church commitments, community responsibilities, volunteer work, scouting, dating my husband, preparing meals, attempting to keep our house in order (attempting), making sure there is time for the best, most important things each day: family meals, games, reading, exercise, snuggles, community, family, friends, nature, laughter. 

Mowgli will be nine this year.

Tears well when I consider this.  We're approaching the halfway mark.

It's time for more focus.

Less distraction. 

Less outside.

More from within. 

And more from above

I thank you dearly for reading over the last four years.  I thank you for your kindness and your interest.

I wish you bliss amidst the ordinary.

Calm in the chaos. 

And joy.  Definitely joy.



Saturday, February 21, 2015

Scripps Spelling Bee 2015

This is our third year participating in the Scripps Spelling Bee.

Bud participated in the Jr. bee for 1st and 2nd graders and Mowgli was in the (Senior) Jr. bee for 3rd and 4th grades.  Mowgli won the Jr. bee last year (I can't find a post about this????)  The kids love the spelling bee and I happen to think it's just darn stressful.  :)

We had a great cheering squad (but of course, they didn't really cheer, since it's supposed to be silent.) And by silent I mean Tigerlily yelled a lot and so Edwin finally left and took her to dinner. 

So thankful for these All-Star grandparents who drove hundreds of miles to support them! 

Bud was up first.  

He was eliminated in the second round.  His word was "boil" which he's spelled a thousand and one times (okay, I exaggerate) so I was bummed to see him eliminated on a word that he knew.   He added an extra letter in there and didn't realize he should have asked to start over.   

After the completion of the Jr. A bee and a quick break, those third and fourth graders were ready to go.  

When only five spellers remained, they moved to the stage.  This was a fierce competition with some very prepared children.  These five went many rounds with no mistakes. 

Mowgli was eliminated in the 19th round on the word Goliath.   I love that my mom kept track of all of his words. 

His spelling bee was won on the word "quotidian."  

Their grandma had these cute shirts made for them. 

Here are the boys with their cousins who also participated.  The cousin there on the far right, won the Senior Bee, which qualifies her for the regional competition.  

I sure am proud of these boys and the hours {and hours} they spent studying over the last few months!


Thursday, February 19, 2015

A {Fourth} Birthday





I'm excited for the future of this tender little boy and keep in my heart the memories and moments of his first 4 years.  It's just going by too quickly.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays.  (Who am I kidding?  I love every holiday.)

The days leading up to Valentine's Day, the kids and I spent an afternoon making good 'ole fashioned construction paper valentines and making their valentine's boxes. 

That was all in preparation of our Valentine's party where the kids exchanged Valentines, roller skated, and bounced their little hearts out.  

I was so happy to receive these from my dad.  

And these from Edwin.  {That peanut butter one was 

 We visited our friend, who recently moved to an assisted living center, and arrived just as the ice cream social began. 

 Then we went up to her room and gave her a bag of goodies.  She was just pleased as punch! 

We weren't able to have our Valentine's dinner till Sunday because we had too many other things going on, but it was lovely nonetheless.

We all took turns telling a thing (or two or three or four) that we love about each person.  We smiled hearing Hawk say he loves me because I love him so much.  I loved hearing Bud say he loves me because I snuggle him in bed each night.  It was a reminder to me how important that time is to him.  I loved hearing the kids say how they love that their dad plays with them and that they love Tigerliliy because she's so darn funny (and has chubby cheeks.  Ha!)  :)  

A happy family is but an earlier heaven. 
                                                           --George Bernard Shaw

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Priesthood Preview

One of my most popular posts is an LDS based post on "Personal Progress," a program for the teenage girls.  As I now work with the children in our church (an organization called Primary) and was asked to put on the annual "Priesthood Preview" I thought I would share what I did, especially since there's not a whole lot out there on the www for Priesthood Preview.

I designed the invitations on the free website,  I purchased some adorable tie clip art from this Etsy shop.  I just loved the ties and decided to go with that for the theme.   

The programs were also made using picmonkey. {Some information has been blurred.}

I enlarged and printed the ties, then clipped them with clothes pins to make a simple bunting. 

I really liked this quotation from this talk and made it into a handout for each boy as well as enlarged it for display {see above}.  You can download it HERE and HERE

I highlighted the words power, bear, and lives in a different color because it went along with their gifts.

Each gift bag included a smaller handout of the above quotation, Powerade, gummy bears, and life savers as well as this book:

The refreshments were various dessert bars: lemon bars, chocolate chip cookie bars, and caramel brownie bars.  

If I had thought in advance about blogging about this, I might have actually taken some decent photos.  But truth be told, we only had 30 minutes to get set up (another congregation was using the building) and photos were the furthest thing from my mind!    


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