Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Baptism {Final Thoughts & A Keepsake Book}

After our day of pre-baptism fun, a full day of baptism festivities, late nights, early mornings, and the last of our company headed back home, we had a quiet opportunity to talk to Mowgli about the events that had occurred.

It wasn't until dinner on Sunday night that we were able to ask him about his thoughts and feelings.  We all took turns to share.

Mowgli's great grandmother (my grandma) gave him a wonderful baptism keepsake book called Latter-Day Occasions: My Baptism Keepsake. {$17.95}  It is a really wonderful book that I would highly recommend.

It is written as an ABC book.

There are several pages for memory keeping as well.  There are spots for parents, grandparents, or other loved ones to write a letter to the child.  There's a couple of pages to document who performed the baptism and confirmations, the date, thoughts, and other interesting tidbits like who the prophet is, how many temples there are, and the number of church members.  There's a spot for guests to sign, another for photos and a spot to put the baptismal certificate in the back.   

After that Sunday dinner, I snuggled Mowgli right on up and we read through the book and completed each page as we went.   He enjoyed writing down all the information and had a few more questions as we went through it. 

It's been such a wonderful many months as we've really hunkered down and focused on baptism and confirmation.

I'm excited for Mowgli and his future.  There are so many wonderful things in store for him.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Baptism {The After Party}

All Mowgli wanted for his baptism was a baptism candy bar poster and to eat out at The Golden Corral.  Pretty simple requests if you ask me.

Right after the baptism (and all the photos, gifts, and chasing children ended) we drove to The Golden Corral.  There were 31 one of us.

After way too many ice cream cones and cotton candy, we were off to our cousin's house for a pool party.

I'm pretty sure this is how we all felt!

Twin cousins.  Just three months apart.  




 Everyone minus my parents and sister-in-law. 

These two are so fun to watch together! 

My uncle and brother-in-law.  It was so nice to have so many helping hands with Tigerlily! 

We were cracking ourselves up with our own summer Olympics!

On your mark...get set...


 It was a photo finish! 

No bruised egos here!  Ha!   :) 

We finished off the day back at our house for some rough housing and a semi-early bedtime --considering all the late nights and early mornings--those kiddos needed it!  We adults did too, but once those little ones were all in bed, we couldn't resist staying up late to talk.   

What. A. Day. 

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Baptism {The Big Day}

July 5, 2014

8:30 a.m.


These two headed off to get changed into their white clothing. 

Love this picture.  

While I wrangled these three.  

And got our room assignment and set up Mowgli's things to display.  We had a guest book (more about that later), his framed invitation (front and back) and a large collage of him.  There was one other child in our ward (congregation) being baptized with him and 11 children from our stake. 

The entire stake met together for a couple talks and then we watched Mormon messages as they called each group-ward by ward- to the font.

When Edwin and Mowgli walked into the font and Edwin began the baptism he had to stop because he was so overcome with emotion.  It was a tender moment for many.  After the baptism we went to our assigned room where we had our own ward service.  I gave a little talk on the Holy Ghost (I tried to keep it super brief!) using THIS idea of comparing the Holy Ghost to a traffic light.  I had some bookmarks made for the kiddos to help them remember.  Then both kids had the gift of the Holy Ghost conferred upon them by the power of the priesthood. 

Afterward, my mom spotlighted Mowgli. 

Here's what we learned:
  • Favorite food: watermelon
  • Favorite restaurant: Cafe Rio
  • Favorite colors: pink and yellow
  • Favorite sports: football, soccer, basketball, rugby
  • Wants to go on a mission to: New Zealand
  • He thinks he will eat a lot of RICE on his mission.  
  • Favorite places to go: Seven Peaks water park, hiking, Wyoming
  • Favorite things to do: read, jump on the trampoline, play with his friends, play with his brothers and sister.
  • Favorite scripture story: Noah's Ark
After the ward program he opened gifts and we greeted all our guests.

My sister-in-law and nephew.  

 And the cousins went crazy. 

Mowgli was definitely Mr. Popular with that bubble gum lei! Notice those outstretched hands!  :)

My parents are documenting all of the ordinance dates of their posterity.  Here my mom is helping Mowgli write the date on a label to put on their large chart. 

Then I drug everyone outside for a zillion photos.

Mowgli with my parents.  

Silly kids.  

How's this for a little more serious?  

Us.  We didn't get a single shot of everyone looking at the camera/eyes opened!  

Brother buddies! 

My dad, brother, and nephew.  

 The "men."

Mowgli was SO excited to receive this candy bar poster from my sister's family.  Another baptism candy bar poster idea HERE.    

Love him.  I think I might have to frame this one. 

The photo on the left is Mowgli with my mom and I 5 years ago on Mother's Day.  We wanted to get another shot like that one, only we stood on the wrong sides!

Crazy bunch!  My side of the family.  

And we can be serious too.  Well, almost serious, check out those bunny ears. 

The day was just perfect.  We are so grateful to our friends and family who came from near and far to support us.  We are so grateful for our ward and stake leaders for organizing everything so well.  It was just perfect.

Next up:  The After Party!!!  Because of course we had all sorts of hoopla to follow and couldn't just end it there.  :)

Other Baptism prep stuff:


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